Pacific Northwest Chapter of NASTT

Project Highlights

We are continuing to upload projects to the list below that highlight the use of trenchless technology in the Pacific Northwest. Clicking on the project name will take you to some selected project photos. Please feel free to contact the person or organization associated with the project for more project specific information.


Project Name/Description

Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Chelsea Park Rehabilitation Project
Multi-phase rehabilitation of approximately 60,000 feet of 8" to 15" diameter sewer mains in Burien, WA
Gas Line & PVC Slitting Gas Line & PVC Trenchless Slitting Methodology, A Short History & Current Operations
Guided Boring Outfall 33 Rehabilitation
Urgent Sewer Repair using Pilot Tube Construction Method
Microtunneling, HDD, MT/HDD Hybrid Large Diameter Trenchless Pipeline Construction
Microtunneling Balch Consolidation Conduit
6,500 feet of 84-inch MT over five drives with the longest drive being 1,690 feet in Portland, OR
Open Shield Pipe Jacking (OSPJ) Madison Valley Long Term Storage Solution, SPU
OSPJ 2,500 feet of 60-inch diameter steel casing used to install 48-inch ductile iron storm sewer in Madison Valley, WA
Sliplining Large Diameter Sliplining